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May 28th, 2008

I have two recurring nightmares that pop up from time to time, both of them I find quite ironic. One of my reoccurring nightmares has to do with public speaking. Usually I find myself, the day of a message having not yet prepared. Sometimes it is a Sunday message but more often […]

Birthday Evangelism

May 24th, 2008

Our kids were invited to the neighbours birthday party this afternoon. The dress up theme was ‘Ancient Egypt’. Most of the girls looked like Cleopatra wanna-be’s…
Like good missionaries we sent our kids lightly dressed up as Hebrew Slaves…
(I thought it was funny…)


March 27th, 2008

After way too many experiences of humiliation and failure over the past 4 months I have finally passed my driving test. One of the things about being an alien is that even the most little of things, like a drivers license, or opening a bank account seem to be so much harder.

I am not […]

Boxing and Bits

January 23rd, 2008

Kellie and I are up to our eyeballs in boxes as we prepare to move flats!!!
I will be posting more about our church as we get back up and running in a week or two, but as for now you can pray for our transition as we up and move.
Some Church News Bits:
We had a […]

A Riddle

January 17th, 2008

For those who don’t know, I had my second attempt at my UK drivers test this week. All I can say is the following riddle in response to the question everyone is asking.
I did not Pass
I did not Fail
I was there
What happened?
(The Driving Standards Agency, a fiend not a friend.)

The Wonderful Crisis (A Long Praise)

January 9th, 2008

Sunday morning about 2 hours before church was to start on the 6th of January, in the cold Scottish winter, our temporary heater stopped working. The building’s heating system had been vandalized over a year ago and the estimated fixing costs were between £15,000-30,000 (30,000-60,000US) from a heating expert we paid to look over […]

The Rest

December 29th, 2007

This week I have rested. I have just relaxed and spent time with family and friends. It is amazing how stopping brings better perspective and a renewed spirit.
This rest has been made possible by having such a fantastic and diverse team. Tomorrow Wade Thompson will be preaching and I will be doing much […]

I’m in trouble:-)

December 14th, 2007

This Monday I am taking my UK drivers test, and after driving today, I realized I need divine intervention to pass this thing. It is not because I can’t drive, I’ve been doing that for 15 years or more, it is because I can’t remember all the British Driving Standard Test Rules…
If you could […]

The Cost of Christmas

December 10th, 2007

(our tree)
This weekend Kellie set up our Christmas tree. It looks amazing. Seeing the tree reminds me of my childhood surrounded by family and grandparents. The tree for me has also been an acute reminder of the cost of our obedience.
In the bible the cross was referred to as a tree […]

American Thanksgiving

November 26th, 2007

(photo:Tim McDonald)
My wife helped coordinate a fantastic missional Thanksgiving. I heard there was almost 70 people in total. A mixture of Americans, people from church and several mom’s who Kellie, Britany and Jaelyn know from School. Around 1:30 or so, people started showing up with loads of food. We had […]