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So Sneaky…

October 23rd, 2007

I have become convinced our church is under the most subtle and dangerous of spiritual attacks and it is coming at the most sneaky of times. It comes at a time when we are growing, things seem to be thriving, people are excited, and the services are going well. On the one hand […]

Our First Church Split :-)

October 15th, 2007

3 weeks ago, our church took a big risk and went to two services, one at 10:30 and the other at 6:30. We are doing the exact same service twice and are, in a sense, splitting the church into two groups.  It was a risk because we just didn’t have enough people to justify […]


September 17th, 2007

One of the oddities of Re:Hope is the high amount of men who regularly attend, especially single men. It may be the only church in Glasgow with obviously more men than women on any given Sunday. It is not uncommon to hear people joke about our church being “Man Church.” I love […]

Moving Forward—>

July 18th, 2007

Well, thanks to Doug Crozier and the folks at Church Development Fund, we finally have what we need to have a first meeting with our solicitor (US- think real estate agent.) Our official meeting is scheduled for Monday afternoon. I had a brief chat with him today about the building and he is […]

Bible Week

May 9th, 2007

After all this time God has allowed us to move back into the red church building this week as of Monday. In celebration of our first week in the building we are reading through the bible, outloud, cover to cover. We are reading it 8am-midnight Monday through Friday until we are done. […]

Yesterday’s Journal

March 30th, 2007

I woke up yesterday morning having not heard anything about the Red Church building since our bid was rejected last October. All I knew when I woke up yesterday was that I still wanted God to let us be in that building. Around 2:15 yesterday I wrote this in my journal:
“Father, I am […]


February 11th, 2007

I found this quote from a man who lived over a hundred years ago. The following was part of a description of the kind of preachers he desired to see Scotland full of. So much of this resonates with what I wish for this land as well.
“…Let him preach with a thrilling heart; […]

the Unifying Power of Fun

February 2nd, 2007

A few years ago I was on youth staff at Rolling Hills Community Church. During those years I learned big lessons that have shaped both who I am and how I do ministry today. Rolling Hills had 8 full-time staff in the youth department with very focused area’s of specialization. Mark […]

The Revival of Evil…

October 7th, 2006

Last Sunday a man I had never met before approached me at church. Apparently he was doing some research for the Church of Scotland about reaching the emerging generation. When he looked around our church he was struck at how many young people there were and he said, “Most ministers say that the […]

Beautiful Anomaly

August 16th, 2006

I was reading Ed Stetzers book, “Planting Missional Churches” and came across this:
“…The top three qualities people look for in a church (whether consciously or subconsciously) are good parking, nice women’s restrooms, and excellent child care.”
When I read that I had to laugh. We don’t have any parking, we do have a bathroom, and as […]