| ASPIRE Wed, 11 Jun 2008 13:02:50 +0000 en Prayer walking Most days I spend time walking around the University of Glasgow praying, essentially, for revelation. For God to reveal himself, to open eyes so many may see, ears, so that many may hear and believe in Jesus Christ. I was thinking about Dan Ward this week, how he as a ... /?p=338 Shavuot “Three times a year you are to celebrate a festival to me.” (Ex 23:14) The first is the “Feast of Unleavened Bread,” the Third is the “Feast of Ingathering.” This Sunday begins the middle celebration, which our English Bibles call, “The Feast of Weeks (Shavuot).” One of the central ... /?p=335 Nightmares… I have two recurring nightmares that pop up from time to time, both of them I find quite ironic. One of my reoccurring nightmares has to do with public speaking. Usually I find myself, the day of a message having not yet prepared. Sometimes it is a ... /?p=332 Birthday Evangelism Our kids were invited to the neighbours birthday party this afternoon. The dress up theme was 'Ancient Egypt'. Most of the girls looked like Cleopatra wanna-be's... Like good missionaries we sent our kids lightly dressed up as Hebrew Slaves... (I thought it was funny...) /?p=331 One Year It has now been one year since we moved back into the old red church building on Great George Street. After planning and permission we spent all last week, from early in the mornings until late at night remodeling the front of the church building. It looks amazing!!! Tim Bailey lead ... /?p=329 My Prayers These Days… These are some of the things I have been praying about these days. Thankful. After 5 years living in Scotland and praying over the University of Glasgow I was finally invited to speak at the Christian Union. It was a great honour to be asked to speak and God ... /?p=321 Two Really Cool Bits Stephen Irwin has written two interesting blogs on the church. The first is of our baptism and service yesterday which you can read HERE. And the second, he found an old picture of our church that is nearly 60 years old which you can read about HERE. Enjoy! /?p=320 10/40 Window and Glasgow In missionary circles, much is made of the “10/40” window, roughly described as the nations between 10 degrees north and 40 degrees north ranging from Northern Africa to Asia. In this window we find the centers of the other main world religions such as Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim… ... /?p=319 Humbled After way too many experiences of humiliation and failure over the past 4 months I have finally passed my driving test. One of the things about being an alien is that even the most little of things, like a drivers license, or opening a bank account seem to be ... /?p=316 Seder Almost 50 people, including children, converged in two shifts for a time of remembering Jesus’ fulfillment of the Jewish Passover at our home last evening. A powerful evening. Leah did a brilliant job both coordinating the meal as well as massively rewriting our Seder service. Here are ... /?p=314