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At church last night we had a ton of visitors. Our largest service ever. It was the first time we have ever run out of chairs and needed to use the balcony.  I digress…

Sometimes, after working with the church week after week, year after year, I start to take a few things for granted. But last night, one of our visitors, a gray-haired really old man made a comment that reminded me of how unique our situation is.

He said, “I haven’t seen this many young men in Scotland excited about their faith since a tent meeting in the 50′s”

A simple comment packed with encouragement.

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I have been quite swamped this past month with preparations for the ReAwakening conference.

The conference is THIS WEEKEND and I would really appreciate the extra prayers. I will be speaking at the main session on both Friday and Saturday nights, as well as speaking twice for church on Sunday.

Pray for Energy, Focus, Clarity, Health, Joy, but most of all that the Spirit of God would move in powerful ways in the deep places of peoples hearts.

Thanks for praying.

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Joyfully Overwhelmed /?p=363 /?p=363#comments Wed, 01 Oct 2008 10:10:44 +0000 brian /?p=363 Continue reading ]]> Photo 31.jpg

Something has happened which cannot be explained other than God’s answering of many prayers. This summer I began to pray for opportunities to speak at 6 different universities in Scotland this year. God is answering this prayer differently and yet more obviously than I could have ever imagined.

In all my time in Scotland I have only been invited to speak at one university ever, the University of Glasgow’s Christian Union, which would seem to be the most likely since we are located right next to this university. All that to say in just over 5 years I have had only 1 invite, so to ask God for 6 this year seemed quite a big ask.

In the last 30 days I have received 4 invitations from different Universities in the area.

Tonight I am speaking at the first, tomorrow, the second, next tuesday the third, and I just received my fourth invitation this morning for three weeks from now. How amazing!

I say I am joyfully overwhelmed because it is one thing to pray for opportunities, it is quite another to prepare and speak. Pray with me that the same God who opened these amazing opportunities will powerfully challenge and convict and encourage the people I speak to, and also strengthen me in all ways for the incredible task at hand.

Please join me in joy and join me in prayer. Our God is great!

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Andy Ashworth, our worship leader at Re:Hope Next Generation Bible Church, has finished recording his first EP (it is four songs.) You can purchase and download the songs HERE.

I know all you who go to Re:Hope have been excited about this and are anxious to download these great songs. They turned out great!!!

For all you who follow our church from afar, this is a great way to support what is taking place at our church and to get a further flavour of what God is bringing together in Scotland.

We are so fortunate to have Andy as our worship leader. God has been so good to us by entrusting us with such a highly gifted worship leader and song writer. Enjoy the songs and spread the word getting others to purchase a copy.

Which is your favourite?

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Birthday Evangelism /?p=331 /?p=331#comments Sat, 24 May 2008 13:16:27 +0000 brian /?p=331 Continue reading ]]> Our kids were invited to the neighbours birthday party this afternoon. The dress up theme was ‘Ancient Egypt’. Most of the girls looked like Cleopatra wanna-be’s…

Like good missionaries we sent our kids lightly dressed up as Hebrew Slaves…

(I thought it was funny…)


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Hesitant Prayer update: /?p=270 /?p=270#comments Fri, 26 Oct 2007 11:50:51 +0000 brian /?p=270 Continue reading ]]> This week we had THE most powerful prayer time, maybe ever. People came out of the woodwork to pray with us and God was there. A HUGE spiritual victory and a HUGE answer to prayer.

The reason I hesitate to update is I don’t want to take any urgency out of praying for our church’s prayer times. We have had 1 great victory, and would love if you would continue to pray that what happened would continue.

It seems a common trick of Satan’s is to cut off believers’ communication with God. To accomplish this aim he may delude our souls with a sense of defeat, or cover us with what feels like a thick cloud of darkness, he may use depression or anything that oppresses our spirit, thus hindering prayer and our belief that it is even important at all.

Our Church is in too dark of a situation to even dream of moving forward without persistent and committed prayer. Thank you for interceding on our behalf and on behalf of Scotland.

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Walking down Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow, looking to kill some time with my three kids, we walked past a videogame store with an eye-catching sign. The sign read, “Wii Sports Bowling Competition 10-2.” I knew I had no chance in such a competition but then I looked down at my 6-year-old son Ethan and wondered how he would do.

Walking in, we saw Mario greeting people, Nintendo Rep’s everywhere, and multiple TV’s playing ‘Wii Sports Bowling’. After watching some others try their hand at the competition, I asked if they would let Ethan have a go, I had my doubts they would let him play since the next youngest person was about 22. They said sure and told him if he got over 175 he would win some sort of gift, if he beat the high score he would win a prize and if he got the highest score of the weekend… a free Wii game.

Ethan stepped up and the Nintendo Rep asked if he knew how to play. Ethan nodded and they helped him strap on the Wiimote Controller. First throw…Strike! Second throw Split…Oh no. Unphased, Ethan unleashes 3 strikes in a row with a growing crowd watching this 6-year-old light things up. A few Spares followed by a Strike. At this point Ethan’s Score is poised to exceed the 175 mark and Nintendo Reps start converging. One of the Nintendo guys pulls out a video camera for Ethan’s last few throws… Finishing off with 5 strikes in a row found every Nintendo Rep as well as the store manager and most employees stunned in disbelief and chuckling.

Beating the current high score by 31 pins found Ethan walking out with this mega cool Wii Bag, a free DS Mug, a Wii notebook, 2 pens, his name entered into a Wii prize drawing, and the chance of winning a free game or two…

I’m all smiles. So proud of my ‘Wii’ Son.

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George Muller has been mentoring me these past few months. As I was reading his biography today I came across a passage that reminded me so much of our current situation with the red church building. Muller had his eye on a property in the perfect location and had wanted it for a few years. When he inquired about the property he found that it was not for sale.

“This obstacle only incited to new prayer, but difficulties seemed to increase: the price asked was too high, and the Bristol Water-works Company was negotiating for this same piece of land for reservoir purposes. Nevertheless God successively removed all hindrances, so that the ground was bought and conveyed to the trustees in March 1865.”

We too find our property is priced too high, and another group is also interested; yet we, just like Muller, turn our eyes towards God to remove all obstacles.

  • I am praying the cost of the church building comes down to a level we can afford.
  • I am praying the needed funds come in so that we can purchase this building.
  • I am praying for wisdom in evaluating some potential renting groups and looking for common heart.
  • I am praying for the whole property not just most of it.
  • I am praying that God would make a name for himself via this building situation.
  • I am praying people will join with me in praying this building through.

Any takers?

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Beth /?p=173 /?p=173#comments Thu, 01 Feb 2007 15:22:50 +0000 brian /?p=173 Continue reading ]]> Beth is one of the fantastic Northern Irish students at the University of Glasgow who loves our church. We have started recording stories from people in our church where you can hear from them about how God got a hold of their life or how they ended up at Re:Hope. We are posting these stories on the Re:Hope web page ( I enjoyed getting to know Beth a little better by listing to her story and suggest giving it a listen. If you are interested in sharing your story let Stephen know or leave a comment.

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Remember /?p=103 /?p=103#comments Wed, 12 Jul 2006 05:13:45 +0000 brian /?p=103 Continue reading ]]> jill.jpg

Today, Ethan and I were in the car listening to, “The Silver Chair” (book 6 of the Chronicles of Narnia.) As the CD played I would occasionally stop it and explain what was going on. I remember telling Ethan that Jill was supposed to remember the 4 things Aslan told her. If she would remember the things she was told by Aslan everything would go much easier. Aslan made her recite his words daily so she would not forget.

1 hour later I was in a conversation with Ken Long, a godly man with lots of ministry experience, and I asked him how could I avoid being torn apart by the stresses of our building situation. He asked me if I had received a ‘Promise from the Lord.’ He then opened his bible and shared a passage the Lord gave him as he pondered moving to Northshore.

I remember reading the bible and being struck clearly by the Holy Spirit about this building situation. God had encouraged me with several passages from the bible over the last 6 months, but as I sat there I couldn’t remember a single one specifically. It was like the Holy Spirit said, “I have been encouraging you but you keep forgetting my words and so you are torn. Remember.”

Faith is remembering what God has said to us, and being certain that it will happen. Today I needed the words of a man of God to encourage and remind me to remember.

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