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I have decided I don’t like jet-lag but I do like Scotland.

It is good to be back. That said, it was also good to step away for a few weeks. It is amazing how much clarity and perspective comes when you step out of the situation and think about it from afar. Kellie and I had several conversations about the previous year and about what changes should be made in the days ahead.

If it is good to personally step away, it was AMAZING to step away with most of my team. We were required to attend our mission’s quad-annual world wide conference, which this year was in Langkawi, Malaysia. Asia was a great time of connecting with one-another, but also a great time of learning together.


It was good to be away but I am excited to get back and start making some subtle adjustments based on all the reflections and conversations from this summer. I expect this year to be the best year yet!

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(photo:– Island of Skye, Scotland)