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Combining my favourite two types of books to read, leadership, and biography, I find “the Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham” by Harold Myra and Marshall Shelley quite enjoyable. This paragraph made me chuckle…

“Billy listened to those close to him, including, perhaps first of all, his intelligent and perceptive wife, Ruth. Interviewees often told us Ruth was crucial to Billy’s success, and her advice was often pungent. For instance, in the 1950’s when she heard that Billy had speculated he might be elected president if he ran on the right platform, Ruth called him and said she “didn’t think the American people would vote for a divorced president, and if he left the ministry, he would certainly have a divorce on his hands.”

The enemy will do all he can to entice us into disobedience, in Billy’s case with power and honour, yet Ruth kept Billy in line with his God given evangelism calling.

There is a difference between good advice and godly advice. Good advice sounds… good, and is thought of as acceptably wise. Godly advice is the product of Holy Spirit discernment.  Be one who gives the later!

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