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This Sunday looks to be our final services in our building unless something amazing happens.  We are still in negotiations with the owners about purchasing this old church building, but as of yet we have not been able to get anywhere near an agreed upon price, and so we must go.

Although I would love to stay, our summer venue is going to be amazing.  We are renting the Qudos room in the Queen Margaret Union.  (It is in the building just behind ours, and is pretty cool.)  We can only use it for 12 weeks but that gives us some much-needed time to figure out what is next.


We have a huge amount of physical work to do next week as we attempt to move most everything into storage.  We could use prayer for safety, strength, and for many people to show up and help.


I am praying God will intervene and bring us back into this building for a third time, and this time for good.  I am praying God will provide the money needed when the time comes to purchase it.  I am praying God will do this in such a way that people all over the world look at our situation and praise God.

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Sorry I haven’t updated sooner. I seem to be having one of those ‘slow brain’ weeks. I was looking at Stephen Irwins blog at our staff picture and noticing that only half of the team are now missionaries. A year ago I think it was all but one were missionaries. It is great to see more britishness not only on the leadership team, but also in very significant roles. Evelyn runs the childrens ministry, Andy leads worship, Dan and Tony (among other things) open the services every week. Next year I am aware of a few other Brit’s who are going to join the team. It is exciting to have so many people who want to help this church move forward from both this island and the new world:-). God is moving.

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