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My Mentor

June 29th, 2006

My mentor is someone I aspire to be like. When I was a boy I watched him in his role of camp director. When I was 18 I had the joy of spending a summer under his direction while working at Lakeside Bible Camp. When I was 24 I began to work at the same […]

My Prayer For You.

June 27th, 2006

“With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may count you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may fulfil every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith. We pray this so that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in you, […]

Living Caves

June 25th, 2006

Yesterday I went spelunking with Dan and Rob. Rob knew this mostly unknown ‘living cave’ out just past the middle of nowhere (we stopped at the ‘middle of nowhere café’ on the way back.) For two hours we found stalagmites, stalactites and hidden caverns on the other side of tiny cracks.
I was thinking the definition […]

Will you be remembered?

June 13th, 2006


"One of the outstanding ironies of history is the utter disregard of ranks and titles in the final judgment men pass on each other….The final estimate of men shows that history cares not an iota for the rank or title a man has borne, or the office he has held, but only the quality of his […]

Whatever seems good

June 11th, 2006

As I type this I am sitting outside of our church building. I am keenly aware of the fact that tomorrow I am flying away from Glasgow for almost 6 weeks, during which the church building we meet in is coming up for sale. It is one of those moments where I have to […]

The Most Dangerous Person

June 6th, 2006

"We have somehow got hold of the idea that error is only that which is outrageously wrong; and we do not seem to understand that the most dangerous person of all is the one who does not emphasize the right things."
– D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Merle d’ Aubigne.

June 3rd, 2006

“As we advance through the centuries, light and life begin to decrease in the Church. Why? Because the torch of the Scripture begins to grow dim and because the deceitful light of human authorities begins to replace it.” — Merle d’ Aubigne. (1794-1872)
Who will stand up in our generation to lead people to both love […]


June 2nd, 2006

I have a zit. For me, a zit is the outward sign of an inward reality. It is the result of prolonged inner tension that lingers long enough to express itself on my face for the world to see.
I have been thinking about why I am stressed out. Am I anxious that […]