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Quick Update

July 25th, 2007

Well, the Monday meeting I mentioned in my previous post didn’t go as well as I hoped. Not that anything went bad, it was just they had gathered all the information they had hoped to gather. We met and discussed some stuff, but ultimately we are waiting for a substantial conversation with the […]

Moving Forward—>

July 18th, 2007

Well, thanks to Doug Crozier and the folks at Church Development Fund, we finally have what we need to have a first meeting with our solicitor (US- think real estate agent.) Our official meeting is scheduled for Monday afternoon. I had a brief chat with him today about the building and he is […]

July 11th, 2007

Combining my favourite two types of books to read, leadership, and biography, I find “the Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham” by Harold Myra and Marshall Shelley quite enjoyable. This paragraph made me chuckle…

“Billy listened to those close to him, including, perhaps first of all, his intelligent and perceptive wife, Ruth. Interviewees often told […]