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American Thanksgiving

November 26th, 2007

(photo:Tim McDonald)
My wife helped coordinate a fantastic missional Thanksgiving. I heard there was almost 70 people in total. A mixture of Americans, people from church and several mom’s who Kellie, Britany and Jaelyn know from School. Around 1:30 or so, people started showing up with loads of food. We had […]

Re:Hope Video’s

November 21st, 2007

Stephen Irwin (teammate) has recently edited some video’s about our Church.
You can check out the first video HERE.
And the second video HERE.
Thanks Stephen, good work!


November 14th, 2007

This past Sunday was a big milestone for our church. It was our first time to break the 100 person barrier. The exact number was one hundred eleven.
These last couple years have seen daunting obstacles and significant milestones. They have seen times of incredible discouragement, and times of amazement at what God […]


November 5th, 2007

We had a fantastic Church retreat this weekend at the local YWAM mansion in Paisley, Scotland. What a powerful time!
While at the retreat I saw some handmade journals for sale. There were some fantastic covers, but this one I choose because of the quote at the bottom by Anne Lamott.
“Hope begins in the […]