Is History Repeating Itself?


Thanks to Christ’s Church Federal Way I have been doing some extra reading on the history of Scottish Christianity (reformation to present.) I think the most appalling, yet most encouraging theme of Scottish history is the complete abandonment of the faith and subsequent reviving. I was shocked to discover that the church has had other times in its short history far more dead, and desperate than today. I find encouragement in the fact that in dark days God revives his dying bride through the passionate faith of a few. Historically speaking, it is when people return to reading the bible themselves that the church returns in power.

Some themes in the revivals in Scotland:

  • A return to the Bible in the pulpit and in the populace.
  • A reliance on the power of the Spirit returning people to prayer.
  • An anointed person or group sacrificially bringing a spark to a dead faith in a given region.
  • Refusal to quite even though year after year revival teeters on the edge of total collapse and utter ruin.
  • Powerful conviction leading to repentance leading to ‘unreasonable’ passion.

I see the stirrings of good things at our church. I see the pulpit and populace being bibliocentric, and our church growing in prayer. A good start. Time and tenacity will see if what is beginning will bring a reviving in our city. What I haven’t seen much of is deep conviction leading to repentance. I see repentance, but not by the kind of deep brokenness that has characterized other revivings. Then again, that seems to be the last piece that sweeps in quickly when everything else is in place. I wouldn’t be surprised to see our city revived in the next few years.

We need a reviving in our land, the kind of reviving we have only heard about. Is history in the process of repeating itself?

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Nancy Crites, January 11th, 2007 at 7:51 am

Dear Brian,

I would like to get in touch with you. I am a prayer missionary to Germany and work with a prayer house here. It has been said more than once by the Lord that I have the anointing of John Knox. I found you in seeking things about Knox on the internet. I was impressed with your website.

May the Lord bless you and as He reminds me, I will pray for you.

Nancy Crites
Fuhrberg, Germany

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