Hero’s of Scotland

Why, within a hundred years, did such a small country, with a small population, produce so many missionaries? 150 years ago the people of Scotland were leading the way globally per capita in world missions. Iain Murry suggests that these key ingredients made this significant nation massively potent for the Kingdom of God internationally.

  • “Scottish missionaries came from homes and backgrounds where simple living, hard work, ready sacrifice and earnest devotion were the everyday experiences of youth.”
  • “Nominal Christians, who care little of their own souls, are not going to be concerned for others, least of all for people whom they never saw… New Zeal to take the gospel out was born out of a new experience of its power.”
  • Returning to faith in Scripture as the Word of God. (“The proof that faith in Scripture and its message is supreme in the motivation of mission can be seen in what has happened when that faith is absent.”)

Where are the people who will be mocked by the divinity students for not being highly critical of the Bible, but who instead have faith in it as God’s very words? Where are the ones who escape from nominality, and zealously exude a love for God and humanity? Where are the ones who refuse to loose hope for their God rejecting city? In short, where are the hero’s? Are there any left? Who will rise up?

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