What a great Sunday!

At four AM I came to the honest realization that I, and my family, were far to sick for me to preach that day. I thought about calling Carmel or someone to help with my wife and children and their fevers. But then I thought about how I couldn’t say 4 sentences without breaking out in a gagging, coughing fit. I was just too sick to preach. The thing that sickened me most was that we had four baptisms scheduled that day, lots of visitors, and I knew Justin would be disappointed:-) “God is sovereign even over this.”  “He knows,” I told myself and fell back to sleep.

The service itself was really great. During the “In His Dust” video I felt God saying, “This was My plan.” And I had to smile, I am glad God is doing what He wants with His church.

When the time came for the baptisms I was so thankful God allowed me to be there. I was able to look at Gary and hear him say how much he loved Jesus, and tell him how excited I am that the pursuit of obeying God first seen in his brother is now clearly seen in him. I was able to look Andy and Julie in the face and thank God for the gift of this couple, divinely placed by God in our church to help us worship God better. I was able to look at Peter and see a man who 6 months ago hadn’t been to church, but since has dedicated his life to God, powering through the pages of the bible, and committed to walking in obedience to Him. Four amazing people.

God humbles me by bringing such wonderful people to Re:Hope. I am convinced God is at work bringing together a special group of people to do something significant in our city. Calling us to believe in Him, his Word, and Prayer. God Reigns!

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