7 Essentials


I am a huge fan of biographies of godly people over the ages. I am currently reading “George Muller: All Things Are Possible,” (First published in 1901) given to me by Scotty. I am usually not so concerned about what they eventually accomplish, but I am incredibly interested in what pieces God put in them to make them the mighty people of faith that they become. Here are some fantastic building blocks God put in George Muller early on in his life as preparation so that he could do what God would call him to do.

  1. Prayer and Reliance on God’s Intervention: “Prayer, on the knees, both in secret and in such companionship of believers, was henceforth to be the one great central secret of his holy living and holy serving. Upon this corner-stone of prayer all his life-work was to be built… Prayer for direct divine guidance in every crisis, great or small, was to be the secret of his whole career.”
  2. Cover-to-Cover Bible Reading: One of the yearly forming steps in his life “was the discovery of the preciousness of the word of God.” “During the last 20 years of his life he read it [the Bible] carefully through, four or five times annually, with a growing sense of his own rapid increase in the knowledge of God thereby.”
  3. Reading of Missionary Biographies: Muller read the life of A.H. Franke who lived 100 years previous to Muller and modelled his ministry after his. Also starting in the year of his conversion “He now began to read missionary journals which kindled a new flame in his heart.”
  4. Any Cost Commitment: Muller almost walked away from his life calling because he fell in love with a Christian woman who wasn’t interested in ministry. Ultimately, after much pain, “He gave up the girl he loved.” This decision was not the last dealing with the issue of self-denial in the following of Jesus.
  5. Shaped by Waiting: Early on Muller rushed into several mistakes via ‘lot casting’ for divine decision making. “The flesh is impatient of all delay, both in decision and action…God is often moved to delay that we might be lead to pray, and even the answers to prayer are deferred that the natural and carnal spirit may be kept in check and self will may bow before the will of God.”
  6. Other People: “Such vacillations in Christian experience were due in part to the lack of holy associations and devout companionships. Every disciple needs help in holy living, and this young believer [Muller] yearned for that spiritual uplift afforded by sympathetic fellow believers.”
  7. Simple and Certain Faith: “…And so God gave him from the outset a very simple, childlike disposition toward Himself… In faith and in the filial spirit, he always continued to be a little child.”

Let’s not be idiots! These are consistently found in the DNA of people of real faith. If we want to be mighty people of God let us learn from the people who have gone before us. Which of these seven things need to become more prevalent in your life?

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