The Dan Brick.

If you haven’t been to the Re:Hope website reciently ( we have just added a section entitled “Re:Hope Bricks.”  We are in the process of recording an introduction to some of the people in our church mainly so that we can further get to know oneanother.  Beth was recorded a few weeks ago and I noticed Dan’s audio is now posted.

Someone told me they were thinking of calling them Re:Hope bricks to highlight that even though we have no building of our own yet, we continue to be part of God’s building in our city.  Each person is a brick, a living stone, a piece of what God is puting together here.  Even though I know Beth and Dan a bit, it was great to hear, ‘in their own words,’ another facet of their thinking these days.  I hope you enjoy getting to know them a bit better as well.  If you are willing to go through this painless process talk to Stephen at church.

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