I found this quote from a man who lived over a hundred years ago. The following was part of a description of the kind of preachers he desired to see Scotland full of. So much of this resonates with what I wish for this land as well.

“…Let him preach with a thrilling heart; let him preach like one amazed at the glory of the message; let him preach in the tone of wonder and gratitude in which it becomes sinners to realize the great work of redemption, –not only will the congregation listen with interest: they will listen with profound impression… We greatly need preachers for the people. A preacher to the people needs to be very clear in his views, homely in his style, full of illustration, direct and courageous in his application, rich in brotherly sympathy, and very warm and vigorous in his delivery. Alas! They are not common.”

W. G. Blaikie (1820-1899) said this about the kind of preachers he wished to see cover Scotland. Over a hundred years latter, I concur. If only Scotland were blessed by such preachers in our day… people who love God, love his word, and preach like that. What amazing days we might see.

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