Prayer Requests

21 November 2007

Prayer Requests

  • Heating.  Our Church is in need of new heating.  We are bringing new meaning to the term, “Frozen Chosen.”  And yet even though people are bundled in scarves, hats gloves, hot water bottles, many layers of coats, and are still shivering… our church continues to grow.  But we need heat and need God to provide.
  • Holidays.  As we look ahead to Christmas, we are going to be away from our families and have no family in town to visit.  It is times like this the cost of missions seems more acute.  Pray that God will fill us with joy in the distance.
  • Car.  We have been in Scotland for 4 1/2 years, and in that time our ministry has been expanding in geographical influence.  We are finding public transportation is no longer practical for our current ministry situation and are praying that God would provide the funds for a car.
  • Outreach.  This Thanksgiving we are having many people into our home who don’t know God.  Kellie has invited many moms from school and we would love to see some people become interested in God.  Pray that God will stir hearts.

Thanks for Praying!

6 May 2007

These are the things I am finding myself praying over these days:

  • God will bring in the funds to purchase the building.
  • The sellers will drastically come down in price.
  • 50 people will seriously dedicate their lives to Jesus this year at our church.
  • Our church will be a place where people break free from Satan’s footholds.
  • We will be entering a season where we will bear much fruit.
  • That God would lead us clearly in these uncertain days especially when considering new staff for the autumn.
  • That God would provide anointed leadership for us in the area of pastoral care ministry.

Thanks for joining with us in prayer!

10 April 2007

  • It looks like we will be moving back into the old red church building soon! PRAISE GOD! We will start off renting it but would love to buy it, they are willing to sell it, but the current asking price is way out of our league… And so we pray, pray, pray!
  • Besides the fact the asking price is too high… what we really need is someone who will loan a church on the other side of the world a bunch of money.
  • Another building related prayer request is it would be fantastic to find a missions minded architect or the like who could spend some time designing a longer term plan for remodelling and renovating this ancient building.
  • I am praying God will continue to give me a ‘louder voice’ in Glasgow. I don’t exactly know what that means, but maybe a louder voice to teach churches how to reach the next generation, or……..
  • My new boss is Keith in Singapore. CRM restructured a bit and launched an international church planting team. Currently there are four of us and the other guys are in the Far East. It is my prayer that God will do way more than we could ask or imagine with us as a team.

Thanks for praying!

10 February 2007

  • I have been asked to teach on the Kingdom of God for a couple days for NieuCommunities. On the one hand it is exciting, on the other I only have a week to get ready. Truth be told I had a bad experience last time I taught this group, and felt the work I put into it was wasted on many of them. Pray that it comes together, that it is potent, and that they ‘lean in’ to the teaching. The dates for this are the 19-20th of February.
  • Being a part of CRM comes with many perks. This past week I was able to go through “Coaching Training” by Dr. Keith Webb for free. This is my second go through this material and I would like to have increased opportunities to coach European church planters.
  • Building: We are still holding out hopes that the red building will come together and yet we have overstayed our time by a few months at Partick South Church. A team of us are in avid pursuit of other options that might work for us in the short term. At my last count we have received 10 “No’s.” It is too bad, I walked past another beautiful old church building last weekend that was there a few months ago and has since been demolished… Pray for our location issues (issues for us not for God.)
  • I am in the process changing departments within CRM. It has been quite a process with various implications depending on each option. Pray for wisdom in the leaders within CRM for direction and guidance on where to place our team.

Thanks for praying!

10 January 2007

  • Well, I find myself coughing up blood this morning (that can’t be good.) I have been sick for almost two weeks, my family is sick… It is amazing how big of impact health has on ministry.
  • Building: We are still praying for the red church building and looking at our options. It is time to move out of our current situation. I am really praying for God to lead us to a home soon.
  • Kellie is starting a women’s bible study Tuesday January 16th. Pray that it is potent and transformational for these women.
  • Lots of planning is underway dealing with retreats, mission trips, small groups, etc.. Things with lots of spiritual potential in the lives of the people at our church. I pray that God will use these ‘tools’ to capture hearts for Him in deep and life altering ways.

Thanks for praying!

15 November 2006

  • PRAISE: 8 weeks ago we had no steady worship leader, and our kids ministry was in desperate need of new leadership (two small things really.) Over the past month a highly gifted Andy heard we needed a worship leader. He spent some time checking out the church and finally deciding to step in this year as our main worship leader. HUGE. Yesterday, I had the latest in a series of conversations with Evelyn, a teacher by profession, who is willing and excited about taking up the children’s ministry mantel for the next 6 months. These were two daunting challenges this fall that have now come together!
  • Location: We have been meeting at Partick South church in the afternoons this past few weeks. It has been a difficult adjustment changing both the time and location. Yet the people and leadership of Partick South have been so good to us. We are still moving forward on returning to our old church building and would like lots of prayer that we would be able to move back soon.
  • I need to have two conversations this month that may have massive ramifications for our church, one with Partick South, one regarding receiving grants for buying our church building. Both these conversations could be highly significant… Pray that they go well.
  • PRAISE: Last month I asked for prayer about starting bible studies and help with kids in order to do that. It is looking like Kellie’s bible study is coming together for January and a woman named Carmel has offered to watch our kids on Friday afternoon to give Kellie the prep time for her study.
  • This fall has taken its toll on me, I am currently attempting to recharge. Do pray that God would rejuvenate me for the wonderful calling he has given me.

Thank you so much.

15 October 2006

  • October 27th!!! It seems we will need a miracle for our bid to be accepted. Our solicitor told us we just don’t have enough money to be a serious bidder. And so we pray and make our “little” bid anyways… hoping God will move on our behalf.
  • We are in a holding pattern as to how to move forward until we find out about the building. Pray that God leads us clearly and that we will be encouraged spiritually and protected from the evil one.
  • Kellie and I are thinking about leading different studies in the spring. Kellie would love to lead a Beth Moore study for the women of the church; I am pondering leading an inductive bible study methods class in Philippians. Pray that someone will rise up to watch our kids so that we can lead these studies or that God will give us guidance on other options.

Thank you for praying!

22 September 2006

  • October 1st is our fall feast. We expect large amounts of people to come who have never been to a church before. Pray that God moves in their hearts and that their attitudes towards God and His church are changed for the better.
  • September 29th we are doing an outreach with other local churches. For two hours we will be giving away free burgers, have live Christian music, and talking to people about faith. Pray that God moves!
  • As of Monday October 2nd we need to clear out of the building… Since we have plundered the church we now have to find storage as well as a place to do church for the following weeks until we can move back in to the church we own.
  • The building has come up for sale! This is the moment we have been waiting for. The time where we can finally buy the building or the time we loose it for good. The selling of buildings like this is done like a silent auction except you don’t know if anyone else has bid, and you don’t know what they bid, and if you are too low you can’t raise your bid… There is a date where they give the building to the highest bidder. They are asking for 2 million dollars, and we aren’t going to be able to bid anything close to that… Pray, Pray, Pray!

Thank you for praying… God is moving!

1 September 2006

  • Praise: If God hadn’t moved we would be out of our church building next week. I am amazed but excited to tell you God heard our prayers and changed the school’s mind allowing us to stay in the church for now.
  • The biggest prayer request I have is in the area of decision-making. It is hard to make decisions not knowing if and when we are going to need to be out of the church for a season, between when it goes on the market and when we buy it. So many decisions need information I don’t have.
  • Pray for Kellie: She is quite exhausted she could use some special prayers.

15 August 2006

  • We are so excited about what God is doing with the church building. Keep praying with us that God will continue to bring this together and that we would be able to move in permanently soon!
  • Several people came to Christ last week. Pray that God will protect and encourage them in their new faith. Also pray that they will become passionate about Jesus.
  • Praise. We have had some of our largest Sunday’s ever this August, and most of the students are gone. People are coming to Christ, growing in their faith, and really attempting to pursue godliness. The health of the church is fantastic, we just pray that God will continue to move obviously.
  • Well, I suppose you should pray that I don’t fall apart. I am turning 30 next week… I hear it is just touch and go after 30.
  • After kicking that guy out two Sunday’s in a row he didn’t show up this week. Do pray that he continues to stay away.


1 August 2006

  • Praise: We have had so many people at church the last few weeks. There is such an excitement about all the lives that are changing.
  • Praise: Peter and Tomas both came to church for the first time two weeks ago and then came back this past week. God is clearly doing something in their hearts. They both want to start reading through the New Testament and have already begun led by Stephen, a real godly man.
  • We have an ‘issue’ with a guy who loves our church. He is an ordained minister and comes wearing his clerical collar. It is not that he is a heretic or anything; he is just passionately obsessed with fighting over all the little things. He can be often found saying things like Episcopalians are going to hell and the King James Bible is the only true bible. Read my post about “the most dangerous person” and pray. I have told him not to come back two weeks in a row… I even told him three different times this past week to make sure he got it. I may have to talk to him again this next week…
  • Continue to pray about the building with us. Things are coming together! This week I am talking to some people about giving us a loan. We are still short a bit of cash for our down payment. Just pray that we get it and that all the details come together.

Thanks for praying!

15 July 2006.

  • This week we are going to be returning to Scotland. Be praying for my family during this transition. For health, smooth travel, kids adjustments to the new time zone…
  • I will be speaking in Glasgow the Sunday we fly in. Pray for supernatural strength and clarity and for the Spirit to be powerfully at work.
  • God seems to be powerfully at work in inspiring people to support our purchase of the church building. Pray that people do respond with generosity and that we do get this building.
  • The week we return to Scotland we are going to be jumping back into things. We are going to be having company, and 13 people in town checking out our ministry there in Scotland to see if they might want to join with us. Pray for our endurance, strength, and for God to be moving in all who visit in regards to God’s work in Glasgow.