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Here is an excerpt from last Sunday’s message on Joy: (May 26th)

The pursuit of Joy in the deepest places of your heart is the pursuit of believing truth in the deepest places of your heart.

Want Joy? Believe about you what is actually TRUE!

How did the early Christians accept the confiscation of their possessions with Joy? [Heb 10:34]  Well, it said, “Knowing.”  Meaning, “Actually believing in the deepest places of their hearts.” “KNOWING” that they had a better more enduring possession.

The battle for Joy is the battle to believe (with certainty) what is true.

To listen to this message go to
(and then look for the May 26th 2013 audio.)

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A Core Perspective /2013/05/a-core-perspective/ /2013/05/a-core-perspective/#comments Thu, 30 May 2013 08:57:23 +0000 /?p=1255 Continue reading ]]> Flames background

If I have one mighty and trustworthy weapon as I bring forth the Bible and true gospel to an atheistic, secular, anti-supernatural, and/or sceptical Scotland it is the reality that all souls and situations must certainly submit before my prayer hearing and answering God.

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Reflections on the Goodness of God to me (1) /2013/01/reflections-on-the-goodness-of-god-to-me-1/ /2013/01/reflections-on-the-goodness-of-god-to-me-1/#comments Thu, 10 Jan 2013 10:19:45 +0000 /?p=1247 Continue reading ]]> setliffe

(this picture was shamelessly ripped from Matt’s facebook page without permission, I hope he is OK with it…:-)

Last night, Matt and Rachel Setliffe who are prayerfully planning to Church Plant in Glasgow were over at our flat and we were talking and it got me thinking about all these different moments where God clearly did ‘unreasonable’ things so that our church could begin.

Matt asked how we paid the rent for the church at the beginning before we had people and an income…


It was Autumn 2004, and I really felt it was time to try again and plant a church.   Wade, Melanie, and I started meeting together to pray for a location we could afford.  In my heart I knew that whatever rent were going to commit to, Kellie and I had to be able to cover it out of our giving and pocket for a bit so that meant we needed cheap, unreasonably cheap.

For 2 months we prayed and searched and searched and prayed looking for a location that we could afford to plant a church.  We looked at churches, and rental spaces, libraries… we looked everywhere we could think of and the only place we could afford was renting a back room in an old church on a Monday night, and if we wanted a piano or overhead projector or another room for kids the cost was going to be more than I felt we could afford.  Most of the places were going to be £1000 per month, in my memory this Monday night thing was going to be £500-£600.

I remember lots of prayer walking in those months, and one day when walking to the Gym (yes, back in those days I worked out) I stopped at a quiet place to pray.  I could find nowhere I could afford to start this church and Monday night sounded wrong.

I remember praying to God.  “Father, open my eyes so that I can see and find a place I can afford to start this church.”  And at that moment I looked up and “saw” the same old church building I passed everyday in a new light.  I had always assumed like every other old church building that it had been all diced up on the inside into flats or offices, but when I looked up I could see light through the windows and thought to myself, it looks like that is one big room.

As I was pondering this, Tommy the janitor came up behind me and said, “Can I help you?”

And I replied, “Does that old church building still have one big room in the main hall?”

“Yes, would you like to see it?”

Of course I did, and Tommy walked me through this old building, which the school used for plays and as a gym hall.

Then I asked, “Is it rentable?  Is it currently rented on Sundays?”

He told me about one rental in the morning but knew it was available after 1pm.

I remember looking at this huge old church building, the largest space I had ever seen that was rentable.  It not only had a huge room to meet but rooms downstairs for the kids.  It was 7,500 square feet larger than what we needed, so beyond what I could dare to hope for, but I dreaded the final question was going to hurt.

“How much would it cost us to rent this on Sunday afternoons?”

“Well,” said Tommy, “Lets find out.”  And without asking he picked up a phone on the wall, and dialled the one who was in charge of letting the space and handed me the phone while it was ringing.

Heart thumping loudly in my ears I heard a woman’s voice on the other end pick up, and I introduced myself and asked if it was possible to rent the whole church building on Sunday afternoons and then the question… “How much would it cost to rent this whole building for 4 hours a Sunday?”

The woman on the other side of the phone replied, “How about £300 a month?”



Our experience starting this church has been moment after moment of zero options, not enough money, nowhere to go, and then… unbelievable miracles.

All we have needed God has provided no matter how unlikely or unreasonable.  He has heard and answered prayers in such obvious and glorious ways.DSCN2606


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Wild West Feast at Re:Hope /2012/10/wild-west-feast-at-rehope/ /2012/10/wild-west-feast-at-rehope/#comments Sat, 13 Oct 2012 20:45:08 +0000 /?p=1235 Continue reading ]]> It’s been awhile, but things have still been happening at Re:Hope. Last month we had a feast to celebrate the Day of Atonement. We figured there were lots of folk living in temporary/tent-like housing in the Wild West, so that would make a passable theme for our evening. Wade cooked up a fantastic meal for about 90 Re:Hopers and their friends and afterward we had an open-mic with lots of talented musicians.

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Church Kitchen Before & After /2012/06/church-kitchen-before-after/ /2012/06/church-kitchen-before-after/#comments Mon, 25 Jun 2012 12:27:26 +0000 /?p=1178 Continue reading ]]> Re:Hope has been in its new home now for 14 months. The Lord provided and we were able to move in and renovate the 3 rooms (sanctuary, creche, and kid’s room) debt free in 2011. The kitchen had to wait.

After saving and being given some donations for this task, we were able to tackle the renovation of the church kitchen this Spring. Because we lived with the kitchen as it was for a year, we were really able to think through how the kitchen is used from week to week and what types of catering and events we were going to be hosting in the building.

I’m so glad we had this time.

Like most churches, food is a huge part of bringing people together and this small- but not too small- kitchen is in the heart of the building just off the sanctuary, near the creche.

This is what the kitchen looked like before:

Eeew!  Boiler in the window?!

Kitchen cupboard under the stairs in chaos.

Oven and hob from the 18th century… ha!

Monica in the kitchen.  We used this kitchen for 3 holiday kid’s clubs, 114 Sunday services {am & pm}, 1 feast, 1 wedding reception, 1 easter potluck, and 2 summer bbqs.

May 2012 the renovation began:

Wade and Stephen painting after the room was gutted.

Wade and Emma wiring the electrics?!  I think they were painting.  Not that they couldn’t have done the sockets though.

Mark painting the inside of the cupboard.  It’s in the details.

This is what the kitchen looks like NOW:

Come on in.

The boiler has been relocated and a new window installed for light and ventilation.  The walls are painted Almond White, like the rest of the church.  Fresh and clean.  It’s simple and stainless, easy to clean and meets health and safety standards.  We’re so thankful for our mini commercial kitchen.

New appliances.  How fun.






Gillian and Rob prepping for Sunday service.

– Kellie


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Roselyn Estep /2012/06/roselyn-estep/ /2012/06/roselyn-estep/#comments Mon, 25 Jun 2012 09:56:48 +0000 /?p=1165 Her testimony begins at the 1:18 mark.  It’s a good one.

Video streaming by Ustream

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Pentecost Week /2012/05/pentecost-week/ /2012/05/pentecost-week/#comments Thu, 31 May 2012 15:30:07 +0000 /?p=1159 Continue reading ]]>

(photo credit: Mr. David Fleck)

Several years ago we decided to make a big deal out of the three biblical feasts from Exodus 23 and Leviticus 23.  We celebrate them as Easter, Pentecost, and another in Autumn as part of our yearly worship calendar at Re:Hope.  This year we stepped up our Pentecost celebration by not just having a feast at church, but also a week of anticipation leading up to Sunday.

Beginning Monday 8am through Friday early evening (stopping each night at 11pm) our church read through the entirety of the bible out loud in 1 hour shifts.  Four times a day we had worship at the church (9am, noon, 3pm, 7pm).  The building was constantly open for prayer.  Several people committed to 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, or 5 day fasts, but there was to be no fasting on Pentecost Sunday.

As you might imagine, Sunday was a great celebration –  2 Baptisms, 2 salvations, many visitors, an epic feast, and just a fantastic time together as a church.

I want to thank Darren and Jen Rusco, and Scott and Monica Burns for all the extra coordination and work last week.  I also want to give a ‘shout out’ to Mark Jones and Gordon McKie for cooking up the fun.

God’s doing some amazing things at the church.  Exciting days.

(Last 3 photo credits: Stephen Irwin)

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Ron Frost /2012/05/ron-frost/ /2012/05/ron-frost/#comments Wed, 30 May 2012 16:48:36 +0000 /?p=1158 Continue reading ]]> This past weekend Kellie and I hosted Ron Frost, one of my seminary professors from our Multnomah days.  He came to Re:Hope Sunday morning and blogged about his time with us.  You can read his reflections HERE.

or at

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Holiday Club–NEXT WEEK. /2012/03/holiday-club-next-week/ /2012/03/holiday-club-next-week/#comments Fri, 30 Mar 2012 08:35:39 +0000 /?p=1140 Continue reading ]]> For the second Easter break in a row, our church is excited to host a holiday club for kids p1-p7.

Even though our church is packed with 20 somethings and kids under 4, we don’t actually have many primary aged kids in our church. So our situation is, we have an amazing team led by Gordon, a high quality and high energy programme, and a great location. All we are lacking is… kids.  So, on Tuesday our team made a bold and crazy plan to see if we can get the word out more.

Yesterday we filled up 200 helium balloons and put inside each of them a “holiday club” invitation and attached a starburst candy to the string. Then we prayed over the balloons and with the help of some people in the church, gave them out on the streets and in the local parks after School.


I heard those passing out balloons in the parks were mobbed by kids.  Join with me in praying that many of these kids come next week.

Also, if you know any people with primary aged kids in or near Glasgow please let them know about our holiday club. It is a great time for kids, its free, and gives parents a few hours to get some things done while their kids are off school. Help us make this as well attended as it can be! BE SHAMELESS! :-)


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Surprised By Windows /2012/03/surprised-by-windows/ /2012/03/surprised-by-windows/#comments Thu, 29 Mar 2012 18:46:25 +0000 /?p=1141 Continue reading ]]> Earlier this week I was standing outside the church with my wife and Stephen when Kellie said, “Someday, wouldn’t it be great to get more clear windows for the rest of the building. The clear windows for the main room look incredible, and make such a huge difference… it would be amazing to do the rest.”

“It would be amazing.” I said to her, “but we just aren’t able to do that right now.”

Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from Kirsty at the church saying, “Brian, did you know about this? Some window installers just phoned to ask if they could come tomorrow to install some clear windows, and then again on Saturday to finish off the rest of the windows on the building… do you know anything about this?”

“No. But wow!” (insert shock here)

(Picture: Installation in process)

We are so thankful to whoever decided to anonymously gift our church more clear windows! What a gift!


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